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Firewall management needs of a Distribut...

Firewall management needs of a Distributed Branch deployment

By Distributed Branches, I mean deployment scenarios where you see firewalls deployed in hundreds to thousands of branches. Examples of this deployment scenario are Retails and International Chains, which have stores or branches all over the globe. Retail/Department Stores Pharmaceutical Chains Financial Institutions I will bring out specific examples with the number of firewalls they deploy […]

Firewall management needs of a Large Ent...

Firewall management needs of a Large Enterprise

Any organization above $1 billion in revenues and more than 5000 employees can be considered as a large enterprise. Most Large Enterprises have different type of firewall deployment needs such as Internet-Edge Firewalls Data Center Firewalls Branch Office Firewalls This segment also becomes more interesting because they generally have both Network & Security Operations teams, which access those firewalls. Users […]

Firewall management needs of an SMB

Firewall management needs of an SMB

In my last post Firewall management for companies of all shapes and sizes I talked about my plan to write about firewall management needs for all types of businesses i.e. SMBs, Distributed Branch Offices, Global Enterprises, MSP/MSSPs. Today, I will focus on MUST HAVE features for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). I will address remaining segments in future […]

How to get started on programming Firepo...

How to get started on programming Firepower using FMC APIs?

If you are reading this blog then you most likely understand that APIs allow interworking among products. In the context of Firepower Management Center, the REST APIs allow programming of the Firepower devices to allow one to automatically provision devices, deploy policies and controls, and monitor device health. In this blog I will try to […]

How we made firewall management simple w...

How we made firewall management simple with Firepower Device Manager?

When I first introduced Firepower Device Manager, someone in the audience asked, “Hey! When are you bringing all the features of the central manager (i.e. Firepower Management Center) into the Device Manager?” I answered, “Never!” Initially, he was shocked. But when I explained why I said that, he nodded his head. Firepower Device Manager (FDM) […]