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Innovation, Systematic or Haphazard, whi...

Innovation, Systematic or Haphazard, which one do you follow?

No matter what type of products or services your organization offers, to be a successful it must innovate and monetize innovations on an ongoing basis. The truth is although innovation is a crucial component of business strategy the process of innovation may seem difficult to manage. Many companies have no systematic innovation program to allow […]

Product Promise & Product Pillars

Product Promise & Product Pillars

  After building/looking at many products, working in different product organizations and being a customer (buyer or consumer) of many products I have come to belief that Product Managers must understand thei Product Promise and plan to deliver their products based on strong product pillars. Simply put, Product Promise cannot be delivered without understanding Product […]

Can Product Usability be an afterthought...

Can Product Usability be an afterthought?

My observation is that most organizations do not pay attention to the product usability while building their products. The myriad reasons, cited by misinformed product managers, product developers or management executives for not being able to address product usability during its development, are categorized under various headings below Neglector Usability is not that important as […]